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Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

5 Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Having a business involves a lot of stress as you constantly have to be aware of trying new ways to reach your clients and expand your business. Constantly worrying about the fact that if you’re business or service is reaching the expected people affects you professionally and personally too.

In this modern age, the best way to reach your audience is through Social Media. It doesn’t matter if you have a small, local or a big business, having a Social Media presence is important. Social Media through the years has evolved so much and has become one of the best ways to reach your audience. Social media helps create your awareness about your brand, reach out to potential clients, and also to show your authority among all your competitors.

With so many platforms available nowadays it becomes difficult to choose the best one for your business. Sometimes it evokes a thought of being available on every social media platform. But, if we’re being honest, being available on all platforms doesn’t help your business and it becomes more difficult to manage and engage with your audience.

Not every business succeeds in any Social Media platform, so you should always choose the right one which will help your business grow. To help you out we have come up with Social Media Marketing Beneficial for Businesses to help you grow in this digital world:


Twitter has been a platform widely used around the world for news, updates and many other reasons. With over 353 million monthly active users and 187 daily active users, Twitter has grown and become a major platform used from Celebrities and big businesses to small service providers. 

The ‘# and @’ options on Twitter allow you to reach the maximum amount of people which helps to increase brand awareness and promote campaigns or discounts. You can target specific segments of your audience by following hashtags related to your campaign or event. Having the right strategy/marketing plan will help you in many ways varying from improving your services to increasing sales. Using Twitter you can promote events, giveaways, and contests to keep your audience engaged with your business. Provoking the interests of your audience with the best strategy helps in engagement which becomes a huge advantage, especially on Twitter.


LinkedIn is mainly known as the go-to place for business professionals. It’s not just a place where you can post job resumes or business interests but it also serves as one of the best platforms for B2B and SaaS businesses. For startups, it’s also an excellent place to gain investors.

LinkedIn has over 770+ million users, with more than half of them being professional businessmen in different fields. The personalized message option on LinkedIn helps a lot as you can directly connect and send messages to CEOs, or different individuals in a company to get in touch but with a unique and professional approach.

Establishing credibility as a leader or expert in your industry is a powerful approach to make contacts and promote your message about your Brand/Business. Encourage engagement and conversation by publishing blogs, sharing articles, and asking questions about your sector. Your authority in a field helps in providing your audience trust with brings you more advantages on conversions and awareness. 

You can use LinkedIn ads to target a specific type of audience based on what you need like Increasing sales, promoting events, or brand awareness. Many startups have also found Investors for their businesses through LinkedIn using unique approaches.


Everyone has heard about YouTube and there’s a high chance you have used it quite often than any other platform. YouTube has over 2.3 Billion users with more than 122 million daily users. You might have used YouTube for entertainment or something similar but YouTube is much more than that.

Social Media Marketing

YouTube is a huge platform for promoting businesses because of its enormous reach. It provides video-based content which is easy to consume and a large amount of audience considers this instead of written content. Marketing on YouTube helps you to show up on Google’s search engine also which is a huge advantage for anyone.

 You can create tutorials or descriptions of your product or services in a video format and back up your text-written data like blogs, posts, or any short-form of content. Video content also has a longer shelf life like blogs as your video can randomly be suggested to an individual who might be a potential client for you.

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Some people think Facebook isn’t as effective as before after the whole backlash against Mark Zuckerberg, but if we’re being honest Facebook is still one of the largest platforms with over 2.9 Billion Monthly users and 1.9 billion daily users.

Facebook is still the largest Social Media Platform and has an audience across all demographics and because of that, it is also the best place to market your business. Facebook’s way of connecting your business audience with different Ad formats, targeting options and analytics works well with any type of marketing strategy. You can track the success your ads are making with Facebook pixel which is great for all businesses.

Facebook has by far the best analytics compared to any other platform. With the help of powerful analytics on Facebook, you can create a more unique way or campaign to target a specific audience. You can even target an audience that shows interest in your competitors, which is a great strategy. Facebook also provides the highest ROAS in advertising among its competitors. 


Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media platforms with its rapidly increasing audience. Instagram has over 1 Billion users and most of the users there are below 40. With constant updates, Instagram just keeps getting better and popular and pulls in over 500 million daily users.

As the userbase for Instagram has grown rapidly, it has also become a popular paid advertising site for marketers recently. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it provides the same demographic for targeting and that is a huge advantage. E-commerce businesses have been seen to excel rapidly on Instagram especially after Instagram introduced different perks for Business accounts. You can even drive more traffic to your website with the shopping tags option which also gives the users a better understanding of your products/services and your brand.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the best for all marketers with their range of highly customizable advertising campaigns. With the help of a large demographic and unique campaign options, Instagram is by far the most popular and the best platform for Social Media Advertising. 


As you’ve seen, there are many platforms for your business to be on to help your business get more recognition, clients, etc. You don’t need to be on all the platforms honestly, instead, you should choose a platform that is the best suited for your business and a platform where your targeted audience spends their time, and with time move on to other platforms as your company grows.

Even if you don’t opt for paid advertising, It is highly recommended for your business to be present on Social Media to market your services and products.

So the first thing you should do is find out where the majority of your audience is active and create a marketing plan to hook them onto your brand. If you’re looking to elevate your business and reach the masses, BrandScienze is the way to go. We craft Social Media strategies for different businesses according to their niche. Developing strategies that convert your targeted audience and potential customers into long-term and loyal customers is something we do for you. Get in touch with BrandScienze today for a Case Study!



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