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Common Brand Mistakes To Avoid

Common Brand Mistakes To Avoid

Developing a new brand or planning its next steps is crucial because there are endless ways for it to go awry, all because of poor planning and inadequate knowledge. This is why having proper and informative Brand research matters. Brand research is a process of understanding the consumer and the market. It is a continuous process that involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Brand research helps in identifying opportunities to create new products or services, redesign existing products or services, develop marketing strategies, and positioning the brand in the marketplace.

When it comes to doing research there are several mistakes brands make that can severely damage your business. Let’s have a look over some of them:

1.  Poor Selection of Research Partners

Poorly designed research can lead to inaccurate and business-damaging conclusions. Therefore, it is very important to work only with trusted research partners who understand the business problem and can help solve it. The easiest way to find a potential partner is to ask a colleague (who can rely on that judgment) for recommendations that are relevant not only to the institute itself but also to a particular team within it. Our team at BrandScienze analysts can assist you with your research and present you with accurate and effective insights.

Certain types of surveys are not particularly complicated and can be easily done in-house if you need access to a customer database (such as a net promoter score survey). However, the more difficult parts (such as customer segmentation) should always be done by a specialized research agency.

There is one noteworthy thing in this section as well. It’s generally a bad idea to expect a creative agency to conduct brand or market research on your behalf. Unfortunately, this is also common for the most famous companies.

2.  Dong the research design incorrectly

With carefully selected research partners it is more likely to avoid methodological errors, but it can still occur. One of the most common mistakes is to carry out qualitative research rather than quantitative research, or vice versa. Qualitative and quantitative methods are incompatible and should be used for a variety of purposes. If you want to understand what the majority of your target audience is thinking, do a quantitative survey. To get a deeper understanding of the problem, choose one of the qualitative methods. The opposite leads to wrong decisions.

Presenting the results of a qualitative survey in numbers and percentages Is similar to using a quantitative survey to reveal consumer insights that are unknown to the respondents themselves. In addition, it is a marketing crime.

3.  An unbalanced opinion

Brand and marketing research can prove almost anything, even contradictory proposals, depending on how it is done. If you are serious about getting objective results, you need to be careful that your current knowledge, beliefs, and opinions do not affect the design of your research.

If you let your opinions affect the research process there’s a high chance of getting different results which won’t provide effective results. The questions asked in the research surveys should be well thought out and must give the opinions of the consumer rather than just an answer. If, for example, a survey question asks what the ideal price is for a product/service and gives them a few options ( like 1000, 2000 & 2500)  instead of providing an affordable and profitable range ( like 1000-3000), this will yield a different result and provide less valuable information to work with.

4.  Testing and Killing Creativity with research

It is your job to judge whether the idea is creative enough and good, not through research. You can measure how effective an idea is through research but you can’t measure its creativity. Focus groups can help identify weaknesses in your ideas, such as lack of reliability or uniqueness, but if you want to know which concepts are most effective for your target audience, you should test them in a quantitative study. If you make these mistakes, you run the risk of destroying good creative concepts.

Either yourself or through a Branding agency like BrandScienze, you should figure out a creative strategy or idea that has the potential to elevate the research process. With an effective and creative strategy, the process can be made easier to apply to result in faster results and growth.

5.  Making Wrong Decisions

Companies that cannot afford to do their own research may use data and conclusions published by other companies to support their decision-making. They do this without verifying how the study was done, but it was done only to generate publicity and may have been published for just a mere buzz.

SMEs often mistakenly use the research of others, but large companies often do the exact opposite. They do a lot of research, but often get out of habit and ignore it. People are busy with work and do not have time to attend presentations of research results or read research reports. Don’t be that marketer

If you are looking to launch or plan your next move for your Brand, Contact BrandScienze. Our team of analysts and marketers can help you identify, understand, and connect with your target audiences. Our vision is to provide our clients with precise and valuable insights and solutions to maximize their brand’s potential.

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